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Diamond Painting Tools Suitable For Handicrafts

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This item requires 4-5 business days to handCraft.

  • Pick Up First Rhinestone: Dump some of the rhinestones onto a flat surface, hold the tip of your applicator tool over a single rhinestone, and press down on the tool to pick the stone up.
  • Apply Craft Glue To Object: To transfer it to an object, you’ll first need to apply a bit of craft glue (any type) to that object, which could be a shoe, a handbag, or something else.
  • Release Rhinestone: Holding your applicator tool directly yet gently against the spot, press down on the applicator to release that rhinestone, it’ll stick to the glue spot you’ve applied.
  • Continue Process: Continue the process just described with other rhinestones. It’s fine if you want to collect a bunch of rhinestones in your applicator tool and then apply them all at once.
  • Holds Up To 100 Stones: Each applicator tool will hold up to 100 crystals and/or rhinestones in its center section. That means you’ll be able to apply up to 100 of these at once
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