Photo Questions

How do I take a good photo?
1. Make sure the lighting in the room is good so you can see the detail of your pets face.
2. Hold a ball or treat above your camera to focus your pet’s attention.
3. Make sure your camera is positioned head-on, showing the full face, including both ears.
4. The higher resolution of your photo, the better. Keep in mind that the photo will be scaled down, so some subtle features in the final product may not be as obvious.

Do you cut the face in the photo for me?
We cut out the face for you! We only use the face of your furry or not furry friend, all other details are cut out. Just send us a high quality photo and we'll do the rest!
If your pet or the person in the photo has an accessory, hat, or collar that you want to keep (or remove), please include these details in the Ordering Information.

How many pets can I print on a product?
For best results in regards to print quality we recommenced you to upload a picture with 1 pet. If you like you could upload a picture with 2-3 pet's on but each pet's face would come out smaller than usual.
If you need more than one face, please contact us in advance by email to contact@yescustom.com.

Can I see a preview of how my product will look?
Unfortunately because our designers have to manually cut out your image and crop your pets face, we're not able to provide this feature.
Rest assured, if there are problems with your photo, we will send you an e-mail requesting a new photo! Please, keep the photos family friendly!

Shipping Questions

How long will it take to get my order?
Currently, our production time is 5-7 days business days. An average delivery time of 6-10 business days.

How much does the shipping cost?
We have two different shipping options to choose from.
Standard Shipping = $6.99 (0.2 kg – 0.3 kg )
$7.99 (0.31 kg – 0.9 kg)
$9.99 (0.901 kg – 1.9 kg)
$15.99 (1.901 kg – 2.9 kg)
$19.99 (2.901 kg – 3.9 kg)
$25.99(3.901 kg – 4.5 kg)
$29.99(4.501 kg – 4.99 kg)
$49.99(5.01 kg – 6.0 kg)
$55.99(6.01 kg – 7.0 kg)
$59.99(7.01 kg – 8.0 kg)
$65.99(8.01 kg – 9.0 kg)
$69.99(9.01 kg – 9.99 kg)
DHL Express Shipping = $19.99 (0.1 kg – 1.0 kg)
$29.99 (1.001 kg - 2.0 kg)
$39.99 (2.01 kg – 3.0 kg)
$49.99 (3.01 kg – 4.0 kg)
$29.99 (3.901 kg – 4.5 kg)
$59.99 (4.01 kg – 5.0 kg)
$69.99 (5.01 kg – 6.0 kg)
$79.99 (6.01 kg – 7.0 kg)
$89.99 (7.01 kg – 8.0 kg)
$99.99 (8.01 kg – 9.0 kg)
$109.99 (9.0 kg – 9.99 kg)

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we gladly accept orders from all over the world. Our production time will be the same however shipping costs and delivery time vary depending on where the order is going.

Where can I track my parcel?
To track your order please click here.
It's common that even when your parcel has been sent it will take 2-3 business days for the tracking information to update online. Don't worry if no updates are showing to begin with, check back in a few days, we assure you it's on it's way!

Tracking says my parcel has been delivered but I've not received it?
Sometimes parcels can be accidentally delivered to a neighbours house next door or left at a customers local post office. If this incident unfortunately happens to you, please contact with local post office immediately to check the location of your parcel. Please note our shipping partner (Royal Mail) are able to inform us of the exact whereabouts and time each parcel arrives at a destination. If the evidence shows that a parcel was delivered successfully, but the customer states otherwise, we will try out best to come to a mutual agreement.
The satisfaction of every customer is our number one priority, so in some cases we may be willing to re-ship your order again at our expense.
Please note if a customer claims more than once that their order has not been received, we will flag their name, address and email as a possible fraudulent buyer.
Our payment providers (PayPal & CreditCard) will both be notified and the customer could potentially be blacklisted from our website. We hope you understand that this is to insure the safety of not only our business, but others business’s too.

Product Questions

Where is your shop based?
We're an online shop that uses the E-Commerce platform Shopify to sell physical products to people all over the world. The majority of our teams are based in New York but we also hire freelancers to help run certain parts of our business.
We use three fulfillment locations in Eastern Asia, NY USA and MEL AU to produce and ship the products we sell. Although our products are coming from different locations, the quality is outstanding, our shipping times are fast (10-14 business days).

How should I wash my products?
First of all, Machine Washable.
For best results we recommend washing our products inside out with cold water and tumble dry on low heat or line dry. Use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener will allow for longer lasting results.

Will the ink crack over time?
We use a process called sublimation which means the product itself is dyed. This means you will never feel any ink or cracking on our products.

Return and Exchange Policy

Damaged/Misprinted Items
If the product arrives defective, we will reprint and resend it 100% free of charge.
Please send us an email(contact@yescustom.com) with your order number, picture and kindly explain the problem.

Please note that whatever size, color, and image you upload will be printed on your item. If the incorrect size, colour or image is selected and sent out to you, YesCustom is not responsible for replacing these items.

If you would like to cancel your order within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a full refund no questions asked. For cancellations please send us an email (contact@yescustom.com) with your order number and we’ll process your request.

Since every one of our products is one-of-a-kind and made just for you, a 25% customization fee per item is included in your purchase. The customization fee applies after 24 hours has passed and is non refundable.

Every order comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If your not happy with your purchase, we'll do just about anything to make it right. If it's been 30 days since you purchased, unfortunately refunds are no longer applicable.

For returns/refunds please send us an email(contact@yescustom.com) with your order number and we’ll process your request. Once our customer service team approves your request, please re-package the products and ship them back to us.

At this time, we are unable to offer free shipping on returns. YesCustom cannot be held responsible for returned items getting lost during transit. We advise customers who return their purchase to pay for insurance and tracking to guarantee it reaches our destination safely.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your refund to process once the returned product is received by our warehouse. Your bank statement will reflect a change within 2-10 business days.


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